Vertex Protocol: Everything You Need To Know About The VRTX Launch on Arbitrum 13-20th November.
Founder Series
December 5, 2023

Jedi speaks to Darius on the journey less travelled from the Terra Luna crash and how Vertex had to dig deep to arrive at Arbitrum and now a year later they will be launching their token off the back of a very successful year of building. A perps DEX that is poised to take on the biggest and the best on-chain. They are now looking to reward their loyal community with a token that incentivises and rewards.

Vertex enables you to trade multiple different tokens with cross-margin all the while being 100% in control of your assets. With the way that the DEX space in DeFi is slowly but surely stealing market share from its centralised counterparts like Binance, Coinbase and OKX we look forward to seeing the rise of Vertex.

Now the Vertex Protocol liquidity bootstrapping auction (LBA) for the VRTX token will go live on the 13th of November until the 20th.

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