Crypto’s an industry bursting with opportunity and potential – we’re at the beginning of a new technology where anyone can find their place. But most people on the outside are sceptical. That’s because there’s a lack of understanding down to endless jargon, clickbait headlines and generally dull material that’s neither educational nor entertaining.

That’s why blocmates was born. We set out to help others get a foot in the door into the crypto world by cutting out the jargon and presenting technical information in a way that even our dads could understand.

Now our evolution has taken shape and we’re at the forefront of DeFi, covering every corner of the space. We take pride in having our finger on the pulse and maintaining our position as a trusted and reliable source of information. 

Adding value is the driving force behind everything we do. We want our community, listeners, watchers and readers to be better informed when navigating this industry and making decisions while having a laugh along the way. 

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