DOKYO The Avalanche NFT Blue Chip Disrupting Boring Businesses
Still Early
December 1, 2023

Grant sat down with Brando the founder of Dokyo World to discuss one of the most interesting NFT projects that has recently come to market. Dokyo World is a creative studio that brings ideas to life. They are aiming to disrupt multiple boring incumbents by empowering their community of NFT holders... Tune in to uncover the first incredible idea these guys are set to launch very soon!Pudgy Penguins sparked the imagination of NFTs and how to use intellectual property through their plushies being available nationwide in the USA at Walmart. The NFT market seems to be rebounding and in particular the Avalanche ecosystem seems to be gaining a lot of traction. With Dokyo being the blue-chip NFT collection of AVAX this might be one to watch.

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