Unstoppable: The Blueprint for Next-Gen DeFi Apps

December 15, 2023

In conclusion

For the past few months, we have taken you through every little detail of the sleeping giant that is Unstoppable Finance. 

We gave you the complete guide, showed you how to provide liquidity, took you through their liquidation engine, and showed you exactly how they hope to compete with CEXs

If you sat and read through all of those, first off we would like to thank you for your support, but secondly, you must have been eagerly waiting all this while for the release of the Unstoppable DEX. 

Well, that release is coming very soon! 

We were fortunate enough to get early access to the app, and let me tell you, it is simply exceptional. 

Here’s an exclusive sneak peek. 

The onboarding experience

The app is available on mobile and desktop but it’s the mobile app that’s particularly mind blowing, and don’t worry, it’s completely secure. 

To start, there’ll be a URL that you put into your default browser. 

From there you will be redirected to a webpage that will ask you to download the app to your homepage. For those of you who signed up for Friendtech, this process will be very familiar. 

Once that is done, the app should be downloaded onto your home screen. 

Side note: This is how it is only for early access participants, in the future, it will be made even more simple via app store integrations

From there, you simply have to follow the instructions and get your account set up. It takes less than a minute!

Once your account is created, it will have a new wallet assigned to it, you can send funds to this wallet and it will reflect in your account. After that, you can trade freely. 

The first thing you see when you create your account is this page:

As you can see, it will keep track of all the essentials: your transactions, your balance, and your open orders. 

The next thing you’ll want to do is navigate to the second tab on the bottom left, which is ‘Trade’.

Making a trade on Unstoppable will look like this:

As you can see, the UI is very intuitive. From one place, you can do spot or leverage trades, while also having the option to DCA rather than just limit & market orders. 

Once your trades are executed, all the relevant data will show up on your ‘Home’ tab. 

But let's say you’re doing more than just trading. You’re also an LP and are earning yield from there. If you want a comprehensive breakdown of all your earnings on Unstoppable, you navigate to the ‘Earn’ section where you’ll see this. 

This is of course simulated earnings, but you’ll get a breakdown of everything here and it updates by the millisecond. 

In terms of UI, Unstoppable is a game changer. You can actually use a spot & margin trading DEX safely on your phone, but not only that, the app is extremely smooth & easy to use, and so is the onboarding process. Everything is seamless. 

I’ve used many Dapps in my time here and this has by far been the most intuitive. But that’s not all, there’s a bunch of cool things that they have coming with their launch. 

The Unstoppable wallet 

The wallet integrated with the platform is an absolute game changer. 

For starters, this wallet is not just a regular EOA wallet like your Metamask. This wallet is a smart contract. So you can hold all your assets in it but it also offers advanced composability. On top of this, it has better security features as well as recovery features in case something happens to your assets or your wallet. 

The real game changer for this wallet is what it's backed by. 

For crypto wallets to be secure it usually entails giving the user a seedphrase and a private key to ensure that the funds cannot be accessed by anyone else with ease. However, maintaining a seed phrase is a fairly tedious process. There are many cases of experienced crypto power users losing their seed phrases, so imagine what would happen to newcomers. 

The Unstoppable wallet instead is backed by the hardware on your device. Each phone has a built-in secure chip which is unique to that device. So Unstoppable uses this chip to back the wallet which guarantees security for the users’ assets while making their lives a whole lot easier. 

The second level of security comes from having two-factor authentication. The Unstoppable wallet is also backed by a biometric two-factor authentication which makes the recovery of assets significantly easier. 

In addition, they are also planning on soon adding an inheritance/inactivity transfer option, something that has long been considered a major issue in the non-custodial crypto world. 

Unstoppable’s focus from day one has always been to improve the experience for the users, regardless of whether they are experienced or noobs. This wallet is just another example of how prolific and innovative this team is. 

But don’t worry, anon, there’s more to this than just a new wallet. 

The Unstoppable Margin DEX 

The Unstoppable Margin DEX is the first to go live and you can get early access to it by clicking here.

Judging by the hundreds of liquidation emails that y’all have received, I’m pretty sure most of you understand how margin trading works. But why take on the custodial risk of a CEX when you get an experience just as good if not better on Unstoppable? 

If you want a detailed technical explanation of how the DEX works, then check out our complete guide, but the TLDR is this. 

The Unstoppable DEX is built on top of Uniswap, the venue with the highest liquidity in all of DeFi, to ensure that everyone has a smooth trading experience. Users can provide single-sided liquidity on the Unstoppable app with the main risk to LPs being liquidations not being performed promptly. 

If you read our article on the Unstoppable liquidation engine, then you will know that this is very unlikely. 

But out of all the Margin DEXs that we’ve seen, Unstoppable is by far the furthest ahead in terms of UI/UX. 

It’s trivially easy to onboard and offboard your funds while having a very sleek and intuitive UI. Being built on Arbitrum means fees aren’t an issue, so in general, whether you’re a noob or an experienced trader, Unstoppable is likely the optimal trading venue for you. 

Concluding thoughts

It’s important to keep in mind that it’s still early days. Unstoppable is currently in early access which means a lot of their features are yet to launch, but it also means that all the lessons and feedback taken from this phase will be used to make an even better product. 

Their dev team is amongst the most attentive and prolific in DeFi, so we do not doubt that we will see Unstoppable have a strong rise to the top. All you have to do is make sure you’re a part of the journey. 

So try and get yourself early access and use the app once it’s out, in the meanwhile we will continue to bring you all the necessary updates.

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