GuildFi: An Under The Radar Gaming Infrastructure Giant

February 29, 2024

In conclusion

By this point, I'm sure most of you would have given up on the whole gaming x crypto narrative. Metaverse this, game-fi that, I mean, it’s all so tiresome, right? They all were just scams and money grabs at the end of the day with no real usable product, right? 

Well, counting out gaming would be a huge mistake. 

Yes, some of the projects in 2021 and 2022 were blatant ponzis and scams with no real product, but that doesn’t mean the sector hasn’t matured since. The quality of games being produced has improved, the infrastructure is getting better, and the tokenomics are starting to make much more sense. 

While most of the old gaming projects are dead in the water and long forgotten, there is one sleeping giant that has been around for a very long time and is starting to wake up and take the industry by storm very soon. 

That sleeping giant is none other than GuildFi. 

Funnily enough, a few of the blocmates team participated in the GF token generation event (I believe this was held on Copper Launch back in the day). This had long been a forgotten bag for a lot of the team, but recently, at a team meeting, a few of the team began to notice this thing was starting to move… this intrigued us and prompted us to start digging again. 

A long, long time ago, we covered GuildFi here on blocmates.com. If you haven’t read that, then you can check it out here. In essence, GuildFi was an infrastructure play. They offered things like GuildFi ID to track performances, game discovery, scholarship aggregator, and guilds as a service. 

They were the central infrastructure piece that met the needs of the crypto-gaming industry at the time. ‘At the time’ under-emphasis here. 

The industry has progressed a lot, and the demands of users and developers alike have changed drastically, and with that, so has GuildFi. Unless you’re deep in the community, chances are you haven’t heard much about GuildFi for a while. But that’s for a good reason. 

We have seen a lot of gaming infrastructure plays move recently; IMX, BEAM, and even RONIN have all run hard since the return of the bull… so is this a sleeping giant?

They have been building in silence for a very long time and are almost ready to go to market. So we thought it was time we brought this project back on everyone's radar because we believe it's going to be a cornerstone piece of the crypto gaming sector. 

What has GuildFi been cooking? 

Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff that GuildFi is working on is still top secret, so we can’t reveal much in this article, but as they roll out their products, we will be there to cover everything. Instead, we will give you a high-level overview of what they are looking to build and why we are extremely bullish on GuildFi. 

For starters, let's talk about their investors. They are backed by industry giants such as Coinbase, Binance, Animoca, Hashed, and Defiance Capital. 

The reason they have such a stacked roster of investors is that they are aiming to be an important part of the crypto gaming infrastructure. 

One element will be their publisher. They have established strong connections with Web 2 gaming players and will be the middleman between Web 2 and Web3 gaming. They will help publish games to the mainstream, with their initial target market being Southeast Asia, the biggest hub for gaming in the world. Eventually, they will expand to other markets. 

Another element is Project Z. Details around this product are limited, but it will feature an NFT battle pass and will involve a storyline to make it more interactive and engaging. They will have a play-to-reward model where users will get rewarded with token drops. Airdrop farmooors assemble. 

The third interesting element is their metagame. This can essentially be thought of as a game of games but in an interactive RPG setting where a user with their avatar can interact with an interconnected world of games. 

But wait, there’s more… 

Let’s talk about their treasury. While they've been building in silence, something that has gone unnoticed is the fact that they have a $100M treasury. 

The treasury consists of:

  • 15,000 ETH with a lot of it staked earning yield (roughly $39M) 
  • $35M in Stables 
  • NFT gaming assets 
  • Seed investments

The seed investment aspect has been doing really well. They have their roots entrenched deep into the gaming ecosystem and are investors in a bunch of cool projects. One of their recent investments even did a 30x. Not too shabby… 

On top of that, their treasury is yielding $2-3m annually just off ETH and stablecoin staking. 

Just off their treasury alone, one can be incredibly bullish on GuildFi. The project has a near-infinite runway to keep building products and re-investing in their ecosystem. 

For those interested, here are the treasury wallets:

  • Main - 0x8ee03eea321b87D7EE8E9e25220Ab056AFE3cD6a
  • Yield 1 - 0x86f4d92b25bd0838f36ee1168296def9b904e1f9
  • Yield 2 - 0x9d9820615298380d2f51b3f8c9abefb676da3263
  • Yield 3 - 0xA8f2cF30556Ba5a1BE74B1Db1d75D0C8104C1DDD
  • Yield 4 - 0x57Fe3697E87782EC82Ef872F0d266cDF479Ada66
  • Yield 5 - 0xDF5211755e3f82ed021892e0116D4271E2C38fC8
  • Yield 6 - 0xFb49Ea79e9944c08df227Ba322468dDD4067abBe

Aside from this, we can also expect some updated tokenomics for the GF token to come soon. 

It is always important to follow a project’s socials but even more alpha can be derived from following their core contributors or founders.

Object A -

Make of that what you will… 

Object B - 

This post from Jarindr the co-founder of GuildFi mentions that the final distribution of GF tokens from their seed round was concluded and that “All of our investors from Coinbase, Binance Labs, Hashed, Animoca, and DeFiance Capital has been a great support and will continue to do so”. Continued support? We like it. 

Object C - 

The new beginning… whatever that is, it looks cool…

Object D - 

13th January 2024, hiring announcement for three additional roles, including a Senior Vidual Designer, Senior Systems Game Designer, and a Senior Game Economy Designer… It looks like these guys are gearing up for battle. 

Object E - 

Stakeland… We have no idea what this is, but will be looking to pounce and report on it once we do… 

Object F - 

Well, consider me intrigued; something is brewing. 

Concluding thoughts 

This is just a brief high-level summary to tell you guys to put GuildFi back on your radar. It is an incredibly undervalued project with strong partnerships, a gigabrain team, and well-reputed investors. 

Think of this as a look into our redacted brains and how we follow the breadcrumbs to find things before your favorite CT moon boy has ruined it for everyone.

They will soon be coming to market with their new product suite, so make sure to give them a follow to stay up to date with all the latest updates. We will, of course, keep you updated every step of the way. 

GuildFi is not something you want to fade, anon! 

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