LARP Collective NFTs - The Mint Information

March 5, 2024
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How do I get a LARP?

This is the week! The first of the LARP Collective NFTs will be minted this week so here’s all the info again if you missed it. 

Need a refresher on LARP and Meal Deal? Check this out

There are 420 LARP NFTs, and the launch/mint has been staggered across the three following stages: allowlist, whitelist, and auction, with a differing price point for each. 

To check your eligibility for the allowlist or whitelist, go to You can also find this via the main navigation bar on  

Network mint information

Network: Arbitrum 

Payment method: (ETH or AETH)

Allowlist details

For those on the allowlist, the fixed mint fee is set at 0.1 ETH.

Whitelist details

For those whitelisted, the fixed mint fee is set at 0.3 ETH.

How do I verify eligibility?

Jump on to and connect your wallet that you used to complete Quest for LARP whitelist or allowlist badges. Once your wallet is connected, you will see a message confirming whether or not you have eligibility, or if you'll need to wait for public auction.

How long are the campaigns?

The allowlist mint will run from 12 pm EST on 7th March and will run for 24 hours.

Any allowlist LARPs not minted will move into the whitelist mint, which will then commence at 12 pm EST on 8th March and will run for 72 hours. 

Following the conclusion of the allowlist and whitelist mints, any remaining will also be moved to the public auction.

The public auction details

The public auction will commence at 12 pm EST on 11th March. Each LARP will be auctioned individually at a cost of 0.5 ETH, with one being auctioned every hour. 

The minimum next bid must be 2% greater than the current bid price.

If a LARP bid is contested within the last five minutes of the auction, the remaining time of the auction will reset to five minutes until a winner prevails.

More on the auction

Should a participant submit a bid but end up being outbid, hence not winning a LARP, your ETH will be stored in the auction house contract, saving you the gas fee that would've been spent having to withdraw or unwrap between auctions.

At the end of the auction, a bidder must call the contract (and pay a little gas - don’t worry - it’s on Arbitrum) to settle the auction and start the next one. 

Anyone can trigger the start of the next auction for a small gas fee. 

What happens if I don’t win the auction but bid?

If you’ve bid on a LARP and don’t end up winning that particular auction, your ETH bid will remain in the contract until the auction’s conclusion. 

There are multiple scenarios that could play out:

  • If you choose to bid again in the next auction at a value below the previous value bid and win, any excess ETH can be withdrawn manually by paying a small transaction fee 
  • If you choose not to bid at all in the next auction, then all ETH can be removed manually by paying a small transaction fee
  • If you bid again in the next auction and bid at a higher value, only the difference in your current balance will be taken from the wallet

AL & WL will be able to check their eligibility status before the mint date. We will have this site live in separate comms. 

Do not read or interact with any communication that isn’t directly from the @blocmatesdotcom x/twitter account or via STAY SAFU APES.

The Meal Deal is now open to LARP holders. To access The Meal Deal please connect your wallet please click
To change your wallet to get access please click here.

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