SSV Interview: Is Liquid Staking & Restaking a Risk for Ethereum & ETH?
Founder Series
April 23, 2024

Grant was joined by Robert from SSV Network to chat about the centralizing forces of the Ethereum network and how SSV is implementing Distributed Validator Technology to mitigate this.

There have been a lot of concerns in the Ethereum camp about Lido's staking majority and whether this is a centralizing force on the most decentralized network in crypto.

Lido voted to not self-limit their staking weight recently, and if they are here to stay and potentially even grow, then we need DVT to mitigate risk. Another implementation of DVT could be for Eigen Layer and decentralizing its actively validated services (AVSs). Again, SSV and their DVT could be used here.

Additional risks, such as the geth super majority client on Ethereum, are additional centralization concerns for single points of failure. All of this and more are discussed here.

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