Mori Finance: The Next Generation of Stable Assets on Ethereum
Founder Series
December 1, 2023
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Jedi spends quality time with Penny from Mori Finance discussing the uniqueness of Mori Finance’s approach to reinventing the way we view Stablecoins in crypto and DeFi. We’ve previously covered Mori finance on

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Today's guest(s):

00:00 Disclaimer
00:55 Penny introduces herself and her role in Mori finance
01:54 What is the original idea behind Mori Finance?
06:05 How Mori Finance maintains its stables asset peg
08:48 Penny explains Mori from a user experience perspective
11:41 Penny narrates Mori finance’s experience in raising funds, TGE, Roadmap, Security Audit
17:26 Penny shares her personal opinion on plans for future LSDs integration and LIDO’s stETH
23:55 The functionality and utility of the Mori Tokens
32:20 How do liquidations work on Mori?
34:20 Penny discusses staked rewards and Lybra comparison
42:14 What can a user benefit from Mori?  
46:00 Information on Mori Finance TGE
48:35 Penny discusses business development and partnerships

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