Is an NFT Comeback About to Happen? A Bull Case for NFTs in 2023
Still Early
April 23, 2024

Grant was joined by Avalanche head of NFTs and Arts Dominic Carbonaro to chat about the current and future state of NFTs? Are NFTs over? Are they coming back? Is the NFT bottom in? Well, all these questions and more are answered in this episode. Dominic has some interesting takes on what will happen to your profile picture NFTs but the conversation isn't just limited to JPEGs. The NFT world is evolving and becoming more financialised and cutting into real-world use cases. The recent Walmart announcement stating they will stock Pudgy Penguin across thousands of stores may have marked the bottom of the NFT market. There are other projects that Dominic seems to think have the same kind of potential as the Pudgys, such as Dokyo! What about music NFTs? A pipedream or soon-to-be reality? Well, all of this and more is covered in this episode!

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