How Avalanche (AVAX) Will Change The Game In 2024
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February 9, 2024

Grant sat down with Avery Bartlett, the mastermind behind Avalanche Crocs. In this conversation, Grant and Avery discussed crypto marketing and some of the tactics projects will use to grab your attention. Avery is a self-confessed Swiss army knife at Ava Labs who churns out some of the best video content this space has to offer.

The conversation leads to how crypto projects can properly use YouTube Shorts and TikTok to help grow their brand awareness and how NOT to do it.

Avery also spills the Avalanche and AVAX alpha for 2024 later in the episode. You will learn what is Teleporter a new cross-chain messaging protocol built on Avalanche, enabling subnets to communicate with one another. This is such a huge step forward for account abstraction and overall crypto UX.

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