Trump’s $31 Million Crypto Wallet Flooded With Meme Coins

June 5, 2024

Users have been pouring in funds into a wallet associated with Donald Trump. Latest estimates from blockchain intelligence firm Arkham revealed that the former president’s wallet now has crypto assets worth $31 million, mostly comprising of meme coins.


The Trog meme coin constitutes the major chunk of the donated assets. Arkham noted that the coin’s developer team airdropped half of TROG’s 420,690,000 token supply a few days back into the wallet. TROG holdings in the wallet were worth around $19.08 million at press time, making Trump the largest holder of the meme coin. Chalking out the low liquidity concerns, Arkham's post noted,

“However, with this much of the supply, it is unlikely that Trump would be able to sell it for market value, if he even knew it existed.”

Other coins in the wallet include memes and PolitiFi coins like TRUMP [$7.6 million], BABYTRUMP [$140k], ELON [$116k], MAGA [$85k], PEPE [$2.6k], and MOG [$1.43k] among others. People had also donated other assets and stables like ETH, USDC, and MATIC. The wallet balance has been hovering around its peak of late.

Source: Arkham Intel

Last week, Trump had been found guilty on all counts in the 'hush money' trial. On one hand, Trump outrightly called out the “rigged, disgraceful trial,” while on the other hand, he said that he will keep fighting for his country and its Constitution till the end. Trump is set to be sentenced on July 11. That is four days before the start of the Republican convention, where the convicted felon will be officially declared as the party’s nominee. Alongside, the former President is also facing 37 criminal charges over espionage and secret files.

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