Crypto Game World PvP Goes Live on Coinbase’s L2 Base

May 13, 2024

World PvP just went live a few hours back on Coinbase’s L2 network, Base. A total of 211 countries - represented by their own ERC-20 token - will be competing against each other on the market cap front. The first round will go on for 30 days, and the country that manages to top the leaderboard will get to eliminate one country by bombing it with a nuclear missile.

The liquidity of the token of the country that gets eliminated will be rugged. Half the ETH will go to the country that launched the missile, while the remaining half will be distributed to a random country.

Head of protocols at Coinbase and Creator of Base, Jesse Powell, who lives by the mantra “on-chain is the next online,” exclaimed on X [formerly Twitter] that World PvP is “going to be wild.”


To become the President of a country, you have to have the highest number of tokens. You can hold tokens of whichever country you want, but your nationality will be assigned based on your heftiest bag. There is a separate token-gated chat room. Alongside, there’s one global channel as well where everyone can interact en-masse. Discouraging citizens from creating separate groups or channels outside the server or on other platforms like Telegram, the official post of World PvP noted,

“Imagine talking shit at the president of Germany in the global chat and baiting him into trying to dethrone the Italian president by buying more tokens than him and becoming Italy’s top holder & president and creating a 2 country union, this kind of fun schemes and social interactions will all happen in the game chat rooms.”

After the first round winds up, the remaining 210 countries will advance to the next round. The loop will continue till the winning country emerges. The team is considering to shorten the duration of upcoming rounds.

Base Continues to Thrive

Base has been faring pretty well on the protocol front when compared to its peers like Optimism and Arbitrum. A recent analysis by IntoTheBlock revealed that Base settles close to 5x the number of transactions on Optimism. In fact, its number is even higher than that of Arbitrum’s. All the protocols have a similar number of active addresses. Nevertheless, on the volume and transaction size front, Arbitrum continues to hold the torch.

Avg. daily values registered during week 19 | Source: IntoTheBlock

Games are slowly establishing foot on Base. However, in terms of TVL, DEXes contribute the lion’s share and are followed by lending and framing protocols. When it comes to gaming specifically, Base-based FrenPets is currently a part of the top-3. Users have locked a total of over 1.8 million here.

The aggregate value locked on the platform registered sharp rises post the Dencun upgrade and the launch of Frames on Farcaster. At the moment, Base's TVL is hovering around the $1.5 billion mark.

Source: X

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