Keeping up with the Spartans: Introducing SpartaPad

June 13, 2023

In conclusion

When a new block gets added to the ecosystem created by the first gamified DEX, SpartaDEX,  you know we’ve got to bring it to you. However, if you’re a newbie to the Sparta ecosystem, you can find yourself in the grand scheme of things via our previously published complete guide to SpartaDex

Ahem! Back to what’s on the plate for today! SpartaPad, a new launchpad integrated into the exchange where the top projects on Arbitrum will start their way to success. Jumping on the launchpad will allow you to grab an allocation in top projects launched on Arbitrum.

If you’re in your Spartan mood, think of this as hopping on a powerful trireme sailing from conquest to conquest and lining the coffers of warriors onboard with the best of the war loot. 

The launchpad interface maintains SpartaDEX’s iconic spartan vibe while being fully functional, legible, and easy to use at the same time. 

Check it out.

Now to an important question:

How will projects launch on SpartaPad?

Each of the projects launched on SpartaPad will conduct a token sale, in which community members will be able to invest their funds at the very early stage of development.

The majority of them will have the public phase, however, Spartans NFT owners, and holders of the native SpartaDEX token, i.e. $SPARTA are the ones who will get special privileges. There will be a pre-public round to access allocations, exclusively for SPARTA holders.

Currently, the development of SpartaPad is at an advanced stage. The assumptions and technical aspects are undergoing an in-depth audit and more details will be announced soon. 

For now though;

Here’s what you can do next

If you are a founder building on Arbitrum, feel free to DM the SpartaDEX team on Twitter to secure available spot on the launchpad.

Of course, we wouldn’t leave you without the important links. Here’s an indepth piece we’ve dug to help you get to know SpartaDEX better. 

Finally, like everything else, go beyond this to do your own research. While you are at it, you can join the Sparta community by picking up a revealed Sparta NFT

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