Exploring Turbocharged Crypto Intelligence with Kaito AI

April 26, 2024

In conclusion

I’ll take my chances to bet that you have probably seen the viral video of a 9 to 5, 28-year-old middle-class lad vlogging what a day in his life looks like.

And oh! The sheer audacity to be outraged over that piece of content by a few CT (crypto Twitter) accounts, most of whom ironically spend more time glued to their screens than the average gen alpha game-addicted teenager and even longer hours glued to their seats with zero to no self-care whatsoever.

The rhetoric thrown at this lad is that no one can escape the matrix living such a pattern except they spend lengthy hours digging into the depths of crypto.


While it’s quite true that there’s a matrix to escape from and that you can do so through consistent crypto degeneracy, the end goal for many degenerates is to have a quiet, stable, and more effective life like the lad in that video, maybe just without the 9-5 aspect.

All of these trickles down to why specific projects are helping the average degenerate to reduce the amount of time they ideally spend trying to make it out of the matrix through insights and aggregation of information. We will resist the urge to toot our horns because we (blocmates) do a pretty decent job helping you lot stay on top of this industry in the way we can.

However, there’s a lot of effort that goes into keeping tabs with an industry that runs at the speed of a bullet train, such as being in sync with narratives at each point in time, and not just that, possessing the know-how to front run the narrative, which to do, the individual must also possess the ability to do loads of investigative research and byte-sizing of their findings. All of these can be extremely exhausting and time-consuming.

To make things a bit more vivid, I can make another bet that you’re probably reading this article on your laptop that has multiple Dexscreener, DefiLlama, crypto news sites, Spotify for crypto podcasts, DeFi governance forums tabs open, in addition to your personalized alpha account lists that you visit from time to time —- all in an attempt to find an edge!

Even though you're not doing anything wrong, dealing with fragmented information sucks, and trying to decrypt and make sense of data from different sources must be even more frustrating. However, when the other option is to be dependent on what KOLs tell you about tokens or projects, you’ll probably have to choose exhaustion over being force-fed paid shills or content with nefarious undertones.

Thankfully, we’ve found something much more interesting and reliable, and we will delve right into it without further ado.

The Kaito AI way

Kaito is built to disrupt KOL dependency and shorten the amount of time you and I get to spend on our devices trying to front-run the narrative and escape the matrix.

How? Kaito indexes a plethora of premium web3 sources such as X, Discord, governance forums, research, podcasts, news, conferences, etc. Making use of a large language model (LLM) to offer insights and information in a way that has never been possible before now.

Basically, Kaito is your personalized AI KOL, offering quality insights based on its indexed sources. It allows users to make the most informed decisions based on data accrued from these sources. Kaito combines a bespoke LLM with a real-time database, powering a turbocharged search engine called “Metasearch” to provide insights and information that absolutely puts a sword in the user's hand, giving users an edge.

While crypto has many projects providing information on specific areas of the markets, they do so mostly based on structured data. Kaito, on the other hand, curates unstructured information across multiple sources and provides them as decryptable information to the end user.

Features and what you can do with Kaito

Let’s get down to business: How does Kaito work, and what can it do?

To answer this question we would evaluate the common problems everyday crypto enthusiasts face alongside Kaito's solution.

Using Kaito to stay on top of a narrative

For a person experiencing lagging decision-making due to a lack of information on market catalysts, Kaito offers a catalyst calendar for narratives, allowing users to access information concerning a specific narrative or sector in the market with a search button. The algorithm draws info from the indexed sources and provides information on upcoming events, news, etc.

Using Kaito to find the most talked about memecoins

For a fact, it is true that the best of degens might be those rummaging through the slums of PumpFun and a customized Dexscreener for memecoins, albeit the wins shared from those successful in their escapades down the memecoin dungeons don’t tell the full story.

There are several losses also incurred. For those that are a lot more careful, the alternative is to buy into memecoins that are retarded enough to capture significant mindshare on Twitter.

Kaito is instrumental for these second tier of people who might want to make decisions based on the sentiment around certain memecoins. Rather than scrolling through timelines to figure out which shitters are being talked about, Kaito helps track them and the conversations around them, and indexes this information to help you make an informed decision.

Using Kaito as a reputation gauge/being early

This use case for Kaito is up there as one of my favorites. Kaito has a smart following feature that tracks the rate at which smart accounts actively follow a specific account.

This feature can be used for many purposes, including curating your timeline or Twitter list of alpha accounts.

The trajectory of the chart of a smart following account can be really informative to let you know when a KOL or thought leader or alpha account is losing reputation, probably because they’ve eaten the rotten apple and shilled some absolute garbage tokens a couple of times or for whatever reasons.

At the same time, the feature can point you in the right direction towards new accounts that smart accounts are following, helping you discover alphas a lot faster, early enough to be considered as being early.

The smart following feature works with a time frame that allows you to track what accounts are being followed over a specific period.

Using Kaito to gauge market sentiment

If you’ve ever asked Siri for weather advice or something a little bit more personal and found it useful, then welcome to the crypto’s own version of Siri, Kaito.

Kaito, using AI sentimental analytics, tracks general market sentiment, sector-specific sentiment, and token-specific sentiment, showcasing public mindshare that allows investors and other stakeholders to make informed decisions on momentum, evaluate risk-reward, and time entries and exits to their positions at their convenience.

For every time you’re worried about market sentiment on a token you hold, remember that it’s now as simple as searching the token through Kaito and tracking public sentiment around it, including a chart that shows your progression of sentiment around that token over time.  

Some other notable features that come with Kaito are:

  • The TL:DR feature summarizes information on narratives and tickers (tokens) using the metasearch engine.
  • Summarization of podcasts and Twitter spaces to extract the scoop from each episode of your favorite podcasts.

Is Kaito free?

Sadly, No. Kaito AI isn’t totally free to use, and we think it would be illegal for a product like Kaito AI to be free. However, like every subscription-gated product, Kaito offers a seven-day free trial on the subscription (Elite plan) available to new users. 

Kaito’s subscription plans initially ranged from standard to premium and then Elite as the highest subscription level with a discounted subscription price of 25% for yearly subscribers amounting to $99, $416, and $833 per month, respectively. However, due to majority of the user subscriptions choosing to go with the Elite tier, other tiers will no longer be available, leaving just the Elite tier with a full range of benefits as seen below: 

  • Basic and Advanced search 
  • Watchlist
  • A dashboard
  • Podcast transcription 
  • Twitter space transcript 
  • Conference transcript 
  • YouTube transcript 
  • TL;DR search and portfolio summary 
  • Analytics
  • Social interest analytics
  • Token mindshare
  • Sentiment analytics 
  • Narrative monitoring
  • Smart following
  • Catalyst calendar
  • Real-time features and news & engine
  • Real-time research and analytics alerts
  • Support and advanced support 
  • Early access to new features

Other details & closing

Kaito is heavily backed by top venture capital firms like Sequoia, Hashkey, Spartan, and Dragonfly and is also a recipient of the Ethereum grant.

The goal for Kaito is to continue to provide high-grade industry insights that improve the decision-making of the average crypto trader or user, help build conviction, and stretch the limits of AI in turbocharging crypto intelligence.

It also feels good to know that Kaito is tracking us as one of the premium information sources across various sourcing categories. 😄

No doubt, Kaito feels like a deadly weapon available to those who can afford to use it. This is no shade to the pricing because we understand that if it’s quite accessible to all and sundry, then it really doesn’t sound so edgy, right?

Anyway, concerning the question on your mind: we have no idea if using the platform right now might result in rewards later should they decide to decentralize. But if you’re curious and want to find out how useful the product is, we do recommend signing up and putting the seven-day trial to use.

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