The Emiri Diary #1: It’s AI season, fellas

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April 2, 2024

In conclusion

GM, my fellow larps & apes. I’m pretty sure most of you don’t know me, so allow me to introduce myself. My name is Emiri.

I'm the editor and senior writer at blocmates. I go by LeftsideEmiri on Twitter and everywhere else, as I’m merely a humble pleb trying to make it in the shitcoin trenches like the rest of you.

Which brings me to today's agenda. Wtf is an Emiri Diary? And why the hell am I reading this?

Well, the second bit I can’t really answer, mistakes were made on a device you controlled. But as for the first bit, I’ll be doing a bi-weekly series for all of you larps where I go over all the new projects that are on my radar.

These could be absolutely dogshit, or they could be the most egalitarian thing that has the potential to reshape the fabric of society; I’m not too sure. But I will give you a quick summary of a bunch of different projects that I think are worth keeping tabs on. The rest is on you.

DISCLAIMER: None of this is financial advice. Please DYOR before aping. These could very well go to zero, and I cannot guarantee success. Simply sharing what I see.

#1 Lumino AI

Twitter: https://x.com/luminoai?s=20

Lumino is an interesting project that’s still early. They allow you to train and fine-tune your AI models at a fraction of the cost when compared to centralized services.

They have their very own SDKs, which allow you to build, customize, and deploy your own models within a couple minutes.

You pay for compute per training job, and this compute is accessed through a distributed network of GPUs which cannot be accessed on any other traditional platform.

The idea is cool, but we are yet to see how it works live. The plus side is they have pretty good backers with a doxxed team.

Certainly one to keep an eye on.

#2 Dale

Twitter - https://x.com/tradewithdale?s=20

Dale is a trading bot built on top of one of Bittensors’ subnets.

Bittensor has been a market leader for crypto x AI, but unfortunately, finding stuff on the chain itself has been a bit of a nightmare. The majority of them are just low-effort scams.

This one uses AI to make predictions and help you trade. It operates off subnet 8 in partnership with Taoshi.  

This one seems decent enough to have on your radar. But in general, I’m staying cautious with Bittensor stuff. One, because they’ve mostly been scams, and two because there are a lot better AI products coming to market.

#3 STRK Farm

Twitter - https://x.com/strkfarm?s=20

I know this is a sore one for most of you since many of you probably got stiffed by the Starknet airdrop.

The flip side of this is that the chain is super hated now. But remember, crypto people have a goldfish memory. A hated and overlooked chain often means there’s a ton of opportunity because nobody is looking.

I’ll be honest: I’m not much of a Starknet savant myself, but as I looked through products, I found this yield aggregator, which seems decent enough. The website isn’t the best, but they offer strategies between 20%-45% APY, so it could be a way to farm when no one else is looking and maybe get yourself eligible for a couple more airdrops.

#4 Crush Protocol

Twitter - https://x.com/CrushProtocol?s=20

This project is at the center of three hot narratives. AI x Gaming x DePIN.

Is it legit? I honestly can’t say. They’re currently building in stealth but have revealed a little bit of information about what the product is about.

They basically build intelligent AI agents for games. So, games can customize and fine-tune their AI agents based on their specific requirements to enhance the general blockchain gaming experience. This is all done on their infrastructure of decentralized GPUs.

If you kept up with the Nvidia GTC conference, then you may know that AI agents were a MASSIVE topic there. So crypto AI agents stuff should do well just based on that.

They will be having a token $CRUSH for the network, so this is probably one to keep an eye on.

#5 Enable AI

Twitter - https://x.com/Enable_AI?s=20

Honestly, there is very little information about this product.

It came on my radar because I saw a bunch of other people much smarter than me following it, so I’ve decided to keep tabs on it.

They seem to be making some sort of AI device, which I didn’t completely understand. This image is probably the best explainer I found out of it.

I honestly have no idea how it relates to crypto or if they will have a token or not, but for now, I’m just keeping tabs on it.

#6 OpenDelta

Twitter - https://x.com/opendelta_?s=20

This is an interesting one. It’s a BTC-backed stablecoin.

If you remember, many crypto proponents have often spoken about how running a delta neutral position on BTC is the best stablecoin in crypto. Well, OpenDelta brings it to life with USDO. The bonus is that it is yield-bearing, paying holders yield from the funding earned on derivatives.

Currently offering a whopping 36.89% APY monthly.

The only issue I have with it is that those who want to mint USDO have to deposit their BTC with Open Delta, who custody assets for you with “trusted custodians”. The idea is great but I don’t see many Bitcoin holders trusting anyone other than their self-custody wallets with their Bitcoin.

But other than that, it's a super cool product for those interested.

Docs can be found here.

#7 Infinity Chain

Twitter- https://x.com/infinity_chain_?s=20

Infinity Chain is a restaked blockchain using the EVM. What does this mean? I’m not entirely sure. But the team are yet to put out any information so we simply wait and see what the entire concept here is.

It’s powered by Ethos, the protocols bringing restaked ETH security to Cosmos, so that’s a good sign. But other than a cool buzzword description, there’s nothing else to go off.

So I guess we wait for more information to see if it’s legit or not.

#8 Eternal AI

Twitter - https://x.com/CryptoEternalAI?s=20

When I found this project it was relatively unknown, but at the time of writing, most people on CT seem to know of it. Nonetheless, I’ll speak about it anyway.

The general essence is that it is an AI project to help build new and improved smart contracts. They offer tools and libraries to make the most advanced smart contracts out there.

Here’s all the info you need for the EAI public sale.


Looks pretty neat.

#9 Shadow Exchange

Twitter - https://x.com/ShadowDexFi?s=20

Test in Prod king Andre Cronje is back to play ball in crypto.

He’s been teasing the new Fantom Sonic update, which is set to be pretty big for the network. The FTM price is enough indication of that excitement.

Of course, Fantom Sonic will need its native DEX, and Shadow Exchange looks to be a strong candidate to steal the spotlight. Nothing crazy, just your regular concentrated liquidity exchange, but looks cool.

So best to keep an eye on it.

#10 BlockMesh

Twitter - https://x.com/blockmesh_xyz?s=20

There’s nothing too fancy about this product. There are many others like this in the market.

You can essentially rent out your excess bandwidth by simply keeping their application running on your device and earning a passive income for it whilst contributing to building a network of AI products.

The reason I mention this is because these are usually farming games. The more under the radar a project is, the better the farming opportunities earlier on. So keep a close eye on this one.

#11 Relief

Twitter - https://x.com/relief_erc314a?s=20

This is another protocol using the ERC-314 standard.

Another really hyped project called Simplify recently used this, and for a lack of a better way of saying this, it went to shit.

Relief claims to be a new and improved version. Sort of like the Pandora arc with ERC-404.

I'm not 100% sold as yet, but nonetheless, I will keep my eyes on it. Never know how well these things can do.

#12 Arbus AI

Twitter - https://x.com/arbusai?s=20

Well, this project legitimately has zero information released about it.

The reason I’m sharing it is because there’s a bunch of chad degen hunters who are currently following and they maybe know something that I don’t. Hence, I’m following these guys and keeping tabs on them to see if anything promising comes out of their camp.

Concluding Thoughts

Well, that’s all from me for today folks. Hope you enjoyed it, and I hope this helped you be earlier than early.

I’m going to keep these coming every two weeks or so, so stay tuned.

Till then, happy degening.

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