zkSync TGE Planned This Week, Airdrop Around June 13

May 22, 2024

Over the past day, several abrupt events have taken place in the market: The ETF approval pendulum has started swinging in the crypto community’s favour, asset prices began pumping hard, and hackers have been returning funds. Amid these market conditions, several crypto teams are of the opinion that this is the right time to roll out tokens and check off other launches in the pipeline. Affirming the said trend, Andy, the Co-founder at The Rollup, recently pointed out,

“within the last 4 days, my conversations with teams about their go to market has gone from "we are waiting on better market conditions to launch [a] token" to "we are on an extremely accelerated timeline to TGE [token generation event]. sentiment shifts so insanely fast in crypto."


Just last week, zkSync teased its v24 upgrade and asserted that “ZK summer is coming.” This upgrade would mark one of the final steps before the governance is officially handed over to the community. Specifically, its teaser post also added that all the remaining pieces would likely fall in place by June.  

Right on the heels of the announcement, airdrop speculations started doing the rounds. A recent report pointed out that the TGE could happen as early as this week. The airdrop and eventual launch will follow a month after the TGE. The company is reportedly eying 13 June as the airdrop date - putting its airdrop ahead of Blast’s [June 26] on the calendar. The total supply is set to be locked at 21 billion tokens.

Alongside, according to an unnamed source cited, zkSync is eying the ZK ticker for its token. However, Polyhedra Network has already claimed that ticker. Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop zkSync from proceeding and finalizing the same ZK ticker.

ZkSync is an Ethereum Layer 2 network that deploys zk-rollups to scale Ethereum, increasing the blockchain’s speed and lowering the cost. Its earlier post asserted,

“zkSync firmly stands by its commitment to decentralize… zkSync continues to put in the effort to stand apart – to build foundational technology that will stand the test of time.”

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