Trump Blows the Crypto and NFT Trumpet, Bashes Memecoin BODEN

May 9, 2024

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump outrightly expressed his support towards crypto assets today. At the same time, he also took a dig at Joe Biden and his administration for being ignorant towards crypto. He claimed that Biden was blank as a slate when it came to crypto. Trump didn’t shy away from mimicking his Democratic challenger. He exclaimed,  

“If you ask Biden if you’re for or against crypto, [he’d say] ‘What’s that? What? Get me off the stage.’ He has no idea.”

He added,

“Gensler is very much against it, the Democrats are very much against it. But I’m fine with it. I want to make sure it is good and solid.”

The current administration has been hostile towards crypto. In fact, they’ve been treading on the ‘regulation by enforcement path.’ Several from the space, including Messari’s Ryan Selkis and the O Show’s Wendy O, have been vocal about what could happen if Biden is re-elected.

Answering questions tossed by Trump NFT holders at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, the presidential candidate claimed that he did not like BODEN, despite it having a $240 million market cap. The meme crypto mocking Biden’s actual spelling pumped by more than 25% and claimed $0.4269 after Trump’s remarks. There was a slight retracement after that. At press time, BODEN was priced slightly below $0.4 - a level noticeably higher than where it was trading before Trump bashed it.

BODEN price fluctuations on the daily timeframe | Source: CoinGecko

Trump went on to assure that his government would stop crypto-centric companies from fleeing out of the country. The presidential candidate further went on to acknowledge that crypto comes in “many forms” and if one liked crypto in any form, they should support him during the upcoming elections in November. He additionally assured the crowd that they could donate to his campaign using crypto. He asserted,

"If you can't, I'll make sure you can."

Trump also subtly went on to brag about how his NFT collection managed to bring the market out of the bearish woods. Talking to the buyers of his ‘mugshot edition’ NFTs, he said,

“We did it when NFTs were not hot. We made NFTs hot again.”

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