To LARP or Subscribe? The NFT Benefits

March 6, 2024
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By now, we’d certainly hope that the LARP NFT utility is clear - lifetime access to the blocmates Meal Deal. We won’t repeat ourselves here; just check out this info for all the details.

Hold a LARP and gain access to the best research we have to offer in the Meal Deal. FOREVER AND EVER, ANON

But there’s more. In the depths of the blocmates Discord, behind the curtain of Dan’s Ramen Shop - we’ve been silently prepping all the dumplings and other goodies for you hungry LARP-holding apes to enjoy as added benefits.

The blocmates network spreads wide. And because of that, we get access to all sorts of juicy stuff that we’re going to extend exclusively to LARP holders. 

An important difference to note here is that while you can subscribe to the Meal Deal on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis - we’re saving a side course exclusively for our NFT holders. 

This is to cut a clear line of distinction between website subscriptions and getting your hands on a LARP, and why it’s worthwhile.

There will only be 420 LARPs in circulation to ensure that we maximize exclusivity for those lucky enough to hold one. How? By leaning on our friends from different protocols across the space and passing it on directly to LARP holders.

This includes exclusive spots on whitelists, allowlists, NFT mints, beta access, token airdrops, blocmates IRL parties, and more. We’re even having an event in London next month if you fancy heading down to meet us for some tunes and a beer or 10. But more on that later.

We’ve actually already been working on this, and the proof is in the pudding. 

In the last few months alone, via Dan’s Ramen Shop, we’ve dished out limited whitelists to Looty, DQN, Ramen Finance, Wen Llamas, and Ferdy Frens. That’s as well as beta access to Clone and Tatsumeeko. 

Limited… so you can connect the dots on who’ll be first in line for this stuff going forward. LARP holders will be getting the five-star treatment. And I hear Jedi is even covering the bar tab in London…

Is anyone else stoked for the mint as us? One day to go, you professional degen, you.

Check your eligibility here.

The Meal Deal is now open to LARP holders. To access The Meal Deal please connect your wallet please click
To change your wallet to get access please click here.

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