Meal Deal Subscriptions Are Now Live

June 11, 2024

Following our Lifetime Access to Research Pass (LARP) launch in February, monthly and annual subscriptions to the blocmates Meal Deal are now available on blocmates.com!

What is the Meal Deal?

The Meal Deal is the premium blocmates research hub, presented for the professional degen.

The Meal Deal is the very best we offer in terms of in-depth reports and coverage of emerging narratives and trends across all of crypto.

Born from the early days of Grant’s TG updates, we’ve bolstered the Meal Deal offering and onboarded some of the best talent across the industry to present institutional-grade research in a way that even our dads could understand.

The Meal Deal is an actionable research tool and community hub for those who want to advance their understanding and learning of crypto and extract every ounce of knowledge and information from the space we operate in.

It’s also a place to communicate with others doing the same thing.

Everything included in our Meal Deal is listed now on blocmates.com, and based on feedback, we’ll frequently change what is on offer.

What do I get with a Meal Deal subscription?

A subscription to the blocmates Meal Deal grants you access to our premium content, which is a paywall gated behind that section of blocmates.com.

Our Head of Research and his team know every emerging trend and topic of importance in this industry, and this content is specifically written to be actionable.

If you’re willing to take the time to read and digest it, you’ll be a better trader and market participant.

With a subscription, you can also access our private Discord members area.

It’s separate from the main Ape Enclosure, so you can meet and talk the good stuff with LARP holders and other MD subscribers, who also have exclusive access to the same content that you do.

Specifically, what’s within the private Discord?


Roundtrippers is our live, weekly stream, where members of the blocmates team and contributors discuss their individual portfolio setups, how they’re playing emerging narratives, our thoughts on the market, and more.

This content is designed to be interactive, giving you direct access to the team. So, if there’s anything you’d like us to review, let us know.

Whether it’s TA on a token you're watching, our take on a trade you’ve recently entered, or even if you want to roast our bags and shill your own - the stage is yours.

We also spill plenty of alpha on upcoming launches, projects we’re watching, and anything else we think is of value and interest to our Meal Deal members.


We’re educators and entertainers on all things crypto and pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience. Sleuthmates is your one-on-one access to our Chief Ramen Officer, Dan, and his on-chain coaching on best setting yourself up for success in this space.

Dan hosts sessions on how to find smart money, wallet tracking, tactics to use, software that helps scope out whales, best practices for copy trading, and more.

Again, you’ll have access to the team in Discord, and we welcome suggestions for anything you want us to focus on in particular.

If you’re struggling with something, we’re here to help.

Trading channels

For better or worse, we’re in this space daily, so we continually manage our own portfolios and positions and are here to pass on whatever information we deem valuable to you.

From positions we’re entering to those we’re closing. Profit, loss, wins, and losses - we cover it all.

We’re certainly not financial advisors, and you should always do your own research, but we endeavor to pass on whatever information we believe to be worthwhile.

Our channels are very much a stream of consciousness for the team and are open to requests. If you want to know our take on something, just ask!

How much do they cost?

Our Meal Deal subscriptions are split into two options: monthly and annually.

Monthly subscriptions are priced at $99 month-to-month and must be renewed manually at the end of each payment cycle.


You can save $199 by purchasing our annual subscription at $988.

Please note: both subscriptions are non-refundable from the point of purchase for the entire cycle, be it monthly or annually.

All payments are in USDC on Arbitrum.  

Sold? Ok, here’s where to buy one

First, head to our Meal Deal page here and hit the ‘digest now’ button.

We also have a suite of FAQs to walk you through the purchase process.

We’ll see you there, anon.

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