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Navigating crypto solo is tough and relentless. We’ve been a trusted voice here since 2017 and have learned the hard way, so you don’t have to

The Meal Deal is our premium research product, designed to provide you with the information you need to navigate the markets, learn from our mistakes, and skip the hard part

The content is compiled by blocmates apes who live and breathe this industry. All day, every day, together

It’s community-first, and cuts through the noise to deliver on-the-nose, actionable information that won’t bore you to death

 The Meal Deal is institutional-grade research that even our dads could understand
What's behind the Meal Deal?
Exclusive actionable research.
  • Our no-BS, in-depth reports on the latest narratives and how we’re playing them
  • Step-by-step guides to the best airdrops in the space
  • Smart money tracking, with on-chain sleuthing sessions
  • Tokenomics reports for insight on unlocks, vesting periods, and potential red flags
Private Discord access.
  • Navigate the markets with a closed community of crypto natives sharing thoughts and insights 
  • Multiple channels to separate the alpha. From memes to DeFi, NFTs to AI - wherever your interest lies, it’s covered
  • Chat with the blocmates team, pick our brains, and follow our research and where we think the markets are heading
Interactive video content.
  • Invitation to our weekly interactive Roundtrippers stream hosted live in Discord
  • The team run through their portfolio setups and the bull and bear cases on recent buys Shill your bags or have us make honest assessments of tokens based on community requests 
  • Live chat with other attendees to share your thoughts on others’ bags and protocols in conversation 
Here's what the apes say.
It's all about our community
"LARP was worth the money by far! Round trippers, support here, whitelists etc etc I’m now 9 years in crypto and don’t know a single other community with that knowledge and integrity"
"blocmates is one of the best communities in crypto, it has allowed me to network with some great people in the space whilst keeping me up to date with the hottest narratives and projects"
"Love what @blocmatesdotcom is bringing to the space. These guys are in the trenches with us day in and day out and have a unique perspective and voice to give everyone key insights in web3. Their new site is going to be a daily stop for me, gg sers 🤝"
"Here are the facts: You play on a completely different level. You're becoming the best research team in the space by far. Your integrity is something I really respect, and have set a remarkable example for others. Thank you for your constant generosity and honesty. Keep it up! Wish you the best"
"The crypto markets can be a dog eat dog environment, don’t end up like a scruffy stray , dine out on the meal deal and become a majestic hound, I know I did and I’ve never looked back. Come join us my pedigree chum"
"Minted my LARP Pass yesterday and - I assumed it upfront - but it already feels like the best investment I can make in the early spring of this bull market. What I personally very much appreciate: to me it feels authentic. Open talks about entries, exits, holding bags, being biases and fucking trades up. I might be wrong but my gut says, no BS is going on here"
Ready to take the next step in your DeFi journey?
The key to getting it right in crypto is putting your trust in the right people and information. If you’re a market participant who wants to take their knowledge and understanding of the crypto space to the next level.

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