The below outlines the editorial and content policies observed by blocmates in the execution of all undertaken work. The primary objective is to uphold the principles of unbiased research, factual accuracy, and editorial independence.

Unbiased Research and Findings

All work undertaken by blocmates is classified as unbiased research and findings. This designation serves the explicit purpose of comprehending technical information related to various projects and protocols. It is emphasized that all editorial staff members operate independently and maintain a clear separation from direct sales and business channels.

Editorial Guidelines

As of the current date, all writers are required to adhere to blocmates' editorial guidelines. These guidelines, while subject to editing before final publishing, serve as the framework for content creation. 

The key principles are as follows:

  • Accuracy: All content must be accurate and factual. Proper citation of sources and cross-verification of information are mandatory.
  • Objectivity: Content must be presented in an objective and unbiased manner. Personal opinions and beliefs should not be expressed in the published material.
  • Completeness: Content must be comprehensive, providing all necessary information to the reader. Fair presentation of all sides of an issue is imperative. blocmates takes pride in being fully bootstrapped with no external ties influencing its operations.
  • Clarity: Content must be clear and easily understandable. Technical jargon should always be explained in plain language, considering the context of the target audience.
  • Engagement: Content should be engaging, well-written, and well-organized to enhance readability.
  • Credibility: Content must be credible and trustworthy. The reliability and reputation of sources are paramount.
  • Originality: All content must be original and not plagiarized. The authorship of the material must be attributed accurately.
  • Relevance: Content must be relevant to the target audience, offering value and interest to readers.


blocmates remains committed to maintaining the highest standards in editorial integrity, ensuring that its content is informative, objective, and of utmost quality.

Date of Last Update: 30/11/2023

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