In Attempt to Pump Meme Coin, Solana Developer Set on Fire

May 23, 2024

In an attempt to pump up the price of a cryptocurrency, a Solana developer was recently set on fire by Roman candle fireworks after he doused himself in alcohol. He is currently in the hospital and is being treated for third-degree burns.

The developer - Mikol - created the TruthOrDare [DARE] token on Pump.fun a week back. He had a community of investors who would hop on to catch his dare-related livestreams on a daily basis. In his previous attempts, he had tried setting his pants on fire and drinking bong water.

The latest video was being live-streamed by his friends. Right after the fire was set, the developer started fleeing. People around initially laughed out of amusement, which later turned into shrieks of “oh sh*t.” In no time, they tried extinguishing the fire with water.

When Mikol was lying down on the floor grieving in pain, one of his friends said, “Take him home.” There were also calls of “stop recording, and start helping” heard. Within minutes, the situation got worse. Miko’s burns became unbearable and he suggested being taken to the hospital. His pain screams were also recorded on-camera, while he kept muttering that he could not feel his body parts.


A particular frustrated user said on X,

“Ban pump fun. This idiot here hopes that risking his life by dousing himself in alcohol and being shot by roman candles is a way to make pump fun. These are suicide attempts. It’s a mental health crisis.”

Pump.fun is a Solana-based meme coin generating platform. Just a week back, it suffered a $2 million exploit where an ex-employee used his privileged position to compromise the protocol’s internal system. Right on the heels of the attack, users started creating a bunch of meme coins about the exploit. Their market cap ranged in the 4k to 12k bracket.

DARE Down 60%

A message on Telegram pointed out that by pursuing this act, the developer wanted to show his commitment to the community and the project, and he hadn’t envisioned the repercussions. Another pinned message by community member Michael Valentine revealed that the injury burned at least 35% of his body. His back, torso, bilateral arms, lower back and gluteus were affected.

The admins revealed that they will continue growing the Dare community in a “safe, healthy, and positive” manner, and added,

“We as a community do not support or condone behavior that risks injury, life, or limb. This project was launched in the spirit of fun and connection, and we will continue that spirit.”

At press time, the token’s market cap was hovering around $855k. The price of the token attained a peak of $0.002011 a few hours back, but was down ~60% to $0.0008435 at press time.

Source: DEX Screener

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