Skillful AI: Empowering Individuals and Businesses by Leveraging Decentralized AI 

February 27, 2024

In conclusion

It's unsurprising that when people hear the term AI, they immediately associate it with Chat GPT. In fact, ChatGPT was the fastest app ever to reach 100 million users. In just two months, the app was already used by more people than the whole population of Germany. Now, that’s what You call a PMF (Product Market Fit) that your favorite DEX aggregator can only dream of. 

Although it’s undoubtedly a marvelous application that propelled AI to the forefront of modern culture, it's important to acknowledge that a wide array of other AI technologies exists. Contrary to popular belief, there is more to AI than just LLMs (Large Language Models).

Different types of artificial intelligence models are used to solve various problems, like self-driving cars, recognizing objects, or predicting diseases. Some systems are more independent than others, but they all fit somewhere on the AI spectrum.

The picture below neatly illustrates how ‘’AI’’ is a broad umbrella term that encompasses a variety of different sub-fields, such as Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning(DL). 

Excluding perhaps the notable event in 1997 when IBM's Deep Blue defeated the reigning world chess champion and grandmaster Gary Kasparov, AI has generally been disregarded by the public as a gimmick and something unattainable. But all it took was one killer application to showcase just how far the field had advanced for the world to go absolutely bonkers. 

The opportunity of a lifetime

The AI industry has seen tremendous attention as well as capital inflows, and there are no signs of this trend stopping. According to Next Move Strategy Consulting, the market for AI is expected to grow twentyfold by 2030.

Individuals and companies are scrambling to find ways to leverage this technology in their personal or business lives, and crypto is the most lucrative place where you can make a financial bet on this trend.

Let’s say you want to invest in a promising AI startup. How can you, as an ordinary person without an extensive network of industry contacts or significant funds, make that happen? The reality is you can’t.

If you want to achieve outsized returns as a small investor, buying shares of Nvidia is also not a viable option. 

What are we left with then? Yes, the vast world of magic internet monies. But do not fret. The project we'll be discussing today has already partnered with Google Cloud, and If those guys are paying attention, so should you!

The WordPress for AI

In the early days of the internet, if a person wanted to have their own website, the only way they could get one was by hiring someone who knew how to code. Then WordPress came along and completely changed the landscape of this industry. By introducing an easy-to-use interface that abstracted away all the unnecessary complexities of website creation, everybody and their mom could suddenly carve out their digital real estate.

Much like WordPress revolutionized the World Wide Web, Skillful AI seeks to democratize and demystify Artificial Intelligence, giving ordinary people a foothold in a future expected to be dominated by AI. Thanks to a suite of pre-built tools incorporated into a drag-and-drop application, everyone can finally build on top of AI. 

Similar to how WordPress has Themes and Plugins that enable customization of a website's appearance and functions, users of Skillful AI will be able to mix and match different AI models in combination with a wide array of instruments to build their own AI assistants. To bring this vision to life, Skillful will host a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline the easy and rapid development, trading, and utilization of their technology:

  • Interactive user dashboard with analytics, widgets, and other goodies;
  • No-code builder with a Smart Contract Library;
  • AI-assistant marketplace facilitated with NFT technology;
  • Native Skillful wallet for optimal UX and safety (Web2 users can also choose not to use the wallet).

How it works 

By fostering innovation, enhancing privacy controls, ensuring transparency through blockchain technology, and empowering users with data ownership, Skillful AI will offer a more user-centric AI landscape, dubbed the APPMO Approach.

The 5 pillars of APPMO encompass:

  • Accessibility and digital literacy barriers;
  • Personalization
  • Privacy
  • Memory
  • Ownership.

Essentially, what this system uniquely enables is a more user-friendly and modular approach to the use of LLMs. You see, the chatGPTs of the world are equipped with vast amounts of data and are analogous to the Swiss Knife- versatile but not experts in any particular domain. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a long bread knife to cut your delicious morning toast. 

Skillful AI enables you to leverage LLMs. By incorporating Domain-Specific Knowledge (DSK) training along with custom tools and traits, you can shape and tailor the model to precisely fit your needs.

Thanks to user-specific memory, the AI assistant remembers past interactions and improves over time, providing valuable insights that can improve our decision-making process. Skillful AI is packed with all sorts of other fancy tech stuff that only computer science whizzes can understand. But fear not; the plan is to dumb it down enough so even we mere mortals can use it without blowing a fuse.

Flow of generalized knowledge (Base LLM) to more specific knowledge (Domain Specific)

Let’s look at logistics, the backbone of modern civilization. The idea of this industry is simple - ship products from point A to point B. In reality, the process is very complicated and messy, with multiple parties involved in one shipment.

Not only that, but practices and laws differ based on the region and the type of shipments handled (land, sea, or air). Freight forwarders have to keep up with time, regulatory, legal, and other constraints on a daily basis. Too many variables for the human mind to digest properly. Mistakes in this business are costly, and you want to avoid them as much as possible.

How can we prevent them? By automating repetitive tasks that involve a lot of data with AI while reserving the few crucial decisions for humans to make. However, here lies the problem- If we were to solely integrate an LLM, it would prove ineffective since it lacks the specialized knowledge unique to each business or region.

Using Skillful AI's assistant with a specialized model, if you input the correct dataset, it can make route planning much faster, help avoid legal problems, cut costs, and, most importantly- retain absolute control over your valuable data. 

$SKAI: the glue that binds it all together

Crypto uniquely enables the creation of monetary value in a digital and decentralized manner, free from gatekeeping, high entry barriers, and other complexities associated with the traditional financial system. For a technology such as AI that predominantly lives in the digital realm,  it only makes sense that the economy built around it is also native to bits and zeros. 

Utilizing blockchain as its foundation, Skillful AI gains access to a permissionless and trustless coordination layer, enhancing the efficiency of value transfer. As stated by Lucas Tcheyan, a research associate from Galaxy Digital: ‘’Blockchains are the transparent data-rich environments that AI needs.’’

Although the majority of cryptocurrency’s value is indeed speculation-driven, most outsiders overlook how great of an incentive alignment mechanism they are. SKAI will occupy a central role in all economic activity within the Skillful AI ecosystem, serving as the primary means to gain financial exposure to its potential upside.

The main use case for the token will be to facilitate the buying, selling, and renting of AI agents. By using the SKAI token as a means of payment for subscriptions and purchases, users will receive greater discounts when compared to other cryptocurrencies. On top of that, a portion of the SKAI token supply is reserved for developers and development funds, supporting the creation of new tools, APIs, and assistants.

Later down the line, SKAI stakers will be able to earn revenue from business-to-business transactions and vote on which datasets are used for training AI models, similar to a DAO structure.

$SKAI will have a maximum supply of 1 billion. Initially, the liquidity will be seeded on ETH mainnet, but the team is discussing plans to expand to cheaper networks, such as BSC, Base L2, Avalanche, and others (TBA). There is even a hint of launching on a gas-less chain. Speculate away, anon.

Actionable steps and upcoming catalysts

Now that I’ve hopefully piqued your interest let me take you through some of the things you can do right now to get involved and what to look out for in the near future:

  • Firstly, make sure to register here or stay active in Discord to qualify for the beta launch of their app, where you’ll be able to learn how different LLMs respond to questions and even make them have conversations with each other.
  • Week 8/12 of the 10,000 USDT treasure hunt is underway. Complete this Zealy quest to receive a special Discord role that will grant access to a secret room in the server.
  • The innovative memory solution is a crucial element of Skillful AI, and the protocol used for storing the associated data must be top-notch. An announcement of a collaboration with a data storage protocol is coming very soon.
  • The team is making steady progress on all fronts and is gearing up to launch a token in early Q2, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Final thoughts

Skillful AI's vision is ambitious: to level the playing field for AI technology and create a user-centric AI infrastructure. This is an immense challenge that requires top-tier talent from various sectors, including Data Science, Blockchain, Economics, and beyond. 

The project's founders have impressive backgrounds. CEO Zoltan Prokai has led several R&D initiatives and brought new products to market, including energy trading solutions. The CTO is a former Apple engineer, while the COO studied physical chemistry with a focus on computational modeling and experiments. 

The advisory board is also very impressive as it includes a Fortune 500 advisor and a legal expert. Additionally, Ralph Kuepper, a senior blockchain developer who previously advised the team, has recently assumed the role of Head of Blockchain at Skillful AI. If there is a team that can pull it off, it's this one.

The competition in the AI race is fierce, but projects with such a cohesive and grand vision are not that common. Usually, AI startups concentrate on a niche market with a very specific use case. Skillful AI, on the other hand, has good odds of attaining a substantial market share with the potential network effects it can achieve.  

And you know the best part? Unlike in traditional web2 platforms, such as Uber or Facebook, we can directly invest in the network and benefit from its success. And how convenient that the team is currently pursuing funds for their Seed Round! Seize your chance to shape the future of AI and fill out the Whitelist form here: Whitelist Form


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