DeFi Saver: A Complete DeFi Management Suite

April 23, 2024

In conclusion

DeFi is extremely complex. There’s no doubt about it.

The industry moves at 1000 mph, with a new primitive coming out almost every week. Tons of research, tons of rebalancing portfolios, tons of moving money around, and A LOT of money lost to gas fees.

If you’re a degen, it gets tougher. You have multiple positions across multiple different protocols, and there is no way to easily migrate them between protocols without incurring huge transaction costs.


For traders/investors with really large bags (north of millions of dollars), it is easier to just hire/commission a crypto asset manager to navigate these complexities. But the high fees these managers charge and the portfolio sizes they deal with can often exclude the smaller retail degens.

This leaves you at the behest of highly volatile gas costs during extreme market movements. Think about maneuvering between positions in a highly volatile market - the amount of gas fees on just mainnet…

Thankfully, DeFi Saver solves all these problems - all while allowing you to move between various positions in just a few clicks. It also makes the life of the terminally online on-chain investor far easier by allowing them to utilize various investment strategies.

Need to migrate a whole position to another protocol? Looking to close a position in one click? Adjusting leverage in one click (or automatically)?

If you’re someone who’s had trouble with any of the above (and more), then this guide is for you.

With DeFi Saver, everything becomes as simple as one click. Let’s learn how.

What is DeFi Saver

DeFi Saver is an asset management tool that allows users to manage their positions across various protocols on various chains. The protocol currently supports a variety of leading DeFi protocols such as MakerDAO, Aave, Liquity, CurveUSD, Morpho Blue, Compound, and more. It even allows you to create strategies utilizing liquid-staked tokens as base assets.

In essence, you can open, manage, and automate your positions via DeFi Saver and set up systems that make your life easy.

What you can do with DeFi Saver

One of DeFi Saver's key differentiating factors is its comprehensive product suite, which allows users to create customized leveraged strategies utilizing a varied basket of tokens.

So, let's go over some of these products.

Lending protocols support and advanced dashboards

DeFi Saver provides support for several leading lending protocols such as MakerDAO, Liquity, Aave, Compound, Reflexer, Curve, Spark, Morpho Blue, and more! It offers advanced dashboards for each protocol that makes interacting with these protocols a breeze - all on DeFi Saver’s own platform.

You can:

  • Create a CDP on MakerDAO in a few simple steps by depositing any of these assets as collateral: ETH, wstETH, and wBTC. You can check out the stats of these assets on Maker Explore - a tool developed by the team behind DeFi Saver!
  • Borrow LUSD against ETH by opening a Trove on Liquity. Interstingly, Liquity doesn’t have any official frontend. They’ve instead taken the approach of leaving this up to the community (and have multiple frontends). DeFi Saver is just one of them.
  • Use your hardware wallets (such as Ledger and Trezor) to interact with Aave and also use DeFi Saver’s features such as instant leveraging or deleveraging etc.
  • Use the same hardware wallets as above (Ledger and Trezor) to interact with Compound and carry out several actions like Supply to your position, remove from it, etc.
  • Use the dashboards for Reflexer, Spark, and Morpho Blue to open and close lending positions.
  • Use the CurveUSD dashboard to open a position via LLAMA.

Leverage management features

Stop Loss & Take Profit

It allows users to automate and manage their positions across a variety of DeFi protocols (such as Aave, Compound, Liquidity, and Morpho). This is especially useful for managing leveraged positions.

What happens when the maintenance margin on one of your positions falls below a certain threshold?

That’s where the Automation feature comes to the rescue. From choosing to take profit at a certain price to determining your stop loss to protecting your CDPs from being liquidated (such as on MakerDAO, Liquidity, etc.). For example, let's say you have an open ETH/DAI position in Aave v3 protocol. To limit the loss during dips or to capture the quick market spike, you can set up an automated position closing (both Stop Loss & Take Profit).

If the price of the collateral asset (ETH in this case) reaches the configured threshold(s), the position will automatically be closed in a single transaction.

Note: For more technical details of how DeFi Saver automation works, please check:

Automated Leverage Management: Boost and Repay

You can use the Boost and Repay feature to automatically balance your positions—all without worrying about being liquidated at the last minute.

Boost helps increase leverage on your positions, and Repay helps deleverage those positions. These options can be used in respective bull and bear markets.

Through the Boost option, your assets are swapped for ETH (or swapped for any other asset that you have a long position in).

Repay is a deleveraging option that achieves the opposite. When you want to wind down a position (because the market is moving in an opposite direction), assets from your vault are swapped for stablecoins (such as DAI), which are then used to pay back the debt.

Loan Shifter

You probably know how tough it is to migrate your debt and collateral positions from one lending protocol to another. You either need to be a shadowy supercoder who can do all the matrix-y shenanigans. Or you can use DeFi Saver.

With DeFi Saver, you can migrate positions with just one click, and no coding skills are required. This is especially useful when you are getting a better collateralization ratio on another protocol and/or you have already added funds to the other protocol and would like to increase the size of your positions.

You can swap between collateral tokens on the same protocol.

You can even swap between your debt positions between different protocols.

Check it out here.

Simulation Mode

Need to test out how the protocol works? You can do that easily using the Simulation Mode. It allows you to play around with the protocol in a sandboxed environment and check out the features that you want to use on the actual mainnet.

The protocol gives you 100 ETH to play with (although you can 'top up' any asset's balance while testing things out in the simulation).

Check it out by enabling the “Simulation” button in the bottom-left corner of the DeFi Saver app.

This covers the crux of DeFi Savers' comprehensive product suite to make your on-chain life easier. But we all know a good main course is nothing without the side dishes.

Bridge, Limit Orders, and DCA

With DeFi Saver, you need not worry about using third-party applications to bridge your assets between various networks. The protocol relies on the Li.Fi aggregator to allow movement of funds between Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Base.

Similarly, you can swap between various tokens using DeFi Saver’s own exchange. It integrates with several DEXes and DEX aggregators at the back end to provide optimal exchange pricing to users.

The best part?

You can even set Limit Orders and DCA with this exchange!

Try it out for yourself here.

Recipe Creator, Notify, and Smart Savings

Have an idea for a complex stepped transaction that you want executed? With Recipe Creator, you can simply use the drag-and-drop options to build a multi-step transaction of your choice.

It allows you to map out complex transactions (also known as Recipes in this context) across Maker, Aave, Compound, Reflexer, Uniswap, Morpho, Liquity, Spark, etc.

One of the most prominent types of these complex actions is Flash Loans. In essence, a flash loan is a two-step transaction where you can borrow assets, use them in a protocol (such as opening a leveraged position), and then pay back the borrowed amount (after hopefully netting a profit). All of this happens in a single transaction.

All of the automated options, along with Boost, Repay, Take Profit, Loan Shifter, etc., are advanced, complex stepped transactions bundled in one smart contract and executed in 1 tx.

So, the main advantage of the Recipe Creator feature is that you can have even more complex transactions. On top of that, you can create your own transaction that can be executed in 1 tx.

Flash loans are a good example, but they are also included within some of their signature features within protocols, so they are not only connected to the Recipe Creator.

DeFi Saver allows you to create a flash loan across Aave, Balancer, MakerDAO, Spark, and Morpho Blue.

The protocol currently offers a wide selection of pre-made recipes that users can choose from. You can check them out here.


With Notify, you can easily monitor your positions, your deposited collateral, the ratios of your positions, and more. It effectively allows you to put your feet up and relax without having six different monitors tracking your positions across multiple protocols.

You can also set up dedicated monitoring for all positions on protocols like Aave, Liquity, Maker, and Compound. These monitoring positions can be set up regardless of whether they are held on a Smart Wallet or directly on the user’s account.

Setting up these alerts is very straightforward and can be done when opening your positions.

Note: You can then receive these notifications on Telegram or Email.

Smart Savings

With the Smart Savings dashboard, you can utilize a variety of different stablecoins to various protocols like Yearn, Maker, Convex etc, and effectively choose the ones that net you the most returns. All of these positions can be managed from the Smart Savings dashboard, which can be accessed here.

ETH Saver

This is an additional standalone tool created solely for liquid staking purposes. Although it has almost the same functionality as the Smart savings option, it has a different pricing model and provides more options for LST.

The pricing model of ETH Saver features a performance-based fee model, where a 10% performance fee is taken at the point of exiting position(s). This is taken only if you make a profit on your position.

It allows users to create a curated leveraged staking strategy on a combination of liquid staking tokens (wstETH, rETH, cbETH) and use them across various lending protocols.

Differentiating features that we adore

Open-Source Protocol

DeFi Saver is an open-source protocol with its smart contracts available in its public repository. The protocol has been audited by Dedaub (a summary of which can be found here).

They are one of the very few protocols that have been very transparent about previous security issues and have taken steps to address them.

Liquidity Sources (DEX Meta-aggregation)

DeFi Saver works with protocols like 1inch, Paraswap, Kyber, 0x, and several on-chain DEXes like Uniswap v3, Cyber, Curve, and SushiSwap to provide the most optimal exchange rates to their users.

Smart Wallets

DeFi Saver allows users to use the smart wallet, Safe. While it had initially included MakerDAO’s smart wallet, DSProxy - they switched to the former because it provides a lot more freedom and features to users. Since Safe is compatible with several DeFi applications such as 1inch, Aave v3, among several others.

Supported Protocols

DeFi Saver currently supports the following protocols:

MakerDAO, Aave, Compound, Spark, Reflexer, CurveUSD, Spark, Morpho Blue, Liquidity, and Llama Lend.


Fees are taken in case of advanced transactions (including multiple actions with at least one swap action) and are categorized as follows:

- 0.25% on swaps between non-correlated assets (e.g. ETH/DAI)

- 0.1% on swaps between correlated assets (e.g. ETH/stETH)

- 0.01% on swaps between stablecoins (e.g. DAI/USDC)

An additional automation fee of 0.05% is applied on automated transactions.  

Team and Community

In addition to DeFi Saver, the team has also shipped ETH Saver, Maker Explore, Liquity Explore, Chicken Bonds Explore, and their Gas Extension.  

DeFi Saver’s community stands at an incredible 38K+ members across its social media platforms.  

Historical performance

DeFi Saver has processed over $7.5B in trading volume, with 485K+ user transactions, and helped automate $470M+ worth of collateral so far. It also recently launched on Base.

Closing Thoughts

One of the critical differentiating factors for DeFi Saver is the incredible product suite, covering various protocols that users can interact with and create their custom strategies. This offers you, the user, a lot of freedom to play around with a suite of different protocols - while saving on transaction costs.

We are super excited at DeFi Saver’s growth over the past few months and are sure that it is very well poised to make the lives of several traders extremely easy.

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