blocmates x Radix Announcement: The Road to Babylon

In conclusion

Covering Radix in a 30-page deep dive report over 12 months ago was one of the most challenging yet rewarding pieces of research I have ever done. 

Over that 7 days of reading, researching, writing, restarting and consuming way too much nicotine to help me concentrate, I realised a few things. 

  • Radix is an extremely impressive design that goes against everything that has come before it
  • Radically Different is not just a tagline, it truly is
  • 0-1 innovation has an incredible upside in a space filled with clones
  • I must learn more about this ecosystem 

There were other things that gave me that Ah-Ha moment when I began to explore all the things that Radix had to offer on the technical front, but something else that stood out was the thriving community. 

There aren’t many that stuck around during the last 12-18 brutal months of one of the harshest crypto/macro environments ever… these guys did and if anything, grew in numbers. 

So, when we spoke with the Radix team recently we were over the moon to be selected to cover the first cohort of projects to be released on Babylon, the highly anticipated Mainnet of Radix. 

It’s times like these when starting out as an independent blog and now a small media company, that make the grind feel worthwhile. 

We always try to cover the best and the brightest in the industry so when a great working relationship is struck up between us and a team we think so highly of, it means a lot to us. 

So, yeah… expect a lot of Radix coverage from us over the next few weeks to months, primarily focussing on the pioneers spearheading the frontier of Babylon DeFi. 

If you are reading this as a speculator then I’d keep a close eye on any of our collaborative posts with Radix over the near future, it's gonna be a good one.

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