Web3 Gaming Explosion Just Starting? Here’s What You Need To Know
Still Early
April 23, 2024

In this episode, Grant was joined by Coop who is the growth and marketing lead at Avalanche (AVAX). The pair discussed how Avalanche is leading the charge regarding AAA Web3 gaming primarily down to the AVAX subnet infrastructure and developer tooling. We got into why some of the most promising games about to come onto the market are choosing Avalanche, what are the best Web 3 gaming projects to watch out for and, are we about to have a GameFi bull market?Coop revealed some of his picks for potentially huge crypto games that could take us into the golden era of user adoption. The pair discussed some of the biggest upcoming releases in the Web3 Gaming sector including Play Shrapnel, OffTheGrid, TSM's Blitz app and subnet and many more. Can a mobile game be the first game to cut through to the masses? All of this and more is discussed in this episode of Still Early.

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