AVAX VP of Growth Spills Avalanche Ecosystem Alpha | Web3 Gaming, RWAs, DeFi & Institutional Subnets
Still Early
April 23, 2024

Grant was joined by Ava Labs' VP of Growth Garrison aka 0xHushky to chat about all things happening in the Avalanche ecosystem. If you have been watching our previous episodes on Still Early you will have seen us cover different areas of the Avalanch ecosystem including web3 gaming, DeFi protocols, Social applications SoFi, NFTs and more... Being on the inside of Ava Labs Garrison gets to work alongside some extremely promising emerging projects and in this episode spills some alpha on the top projects to watch in the Avalanche ecosystem. Recently there was an announcement that JP Morgan will release a fund with Wisdom Tree on an Avalanche Subnet with LayerZero. This is huge for the Avalanche ecosystem and reaffirms the Subnet thesis. We chat about what is yet to come for projects building on subnets and what it means for the AVAX ecosystem as a whole.

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