How PancakeSwap Is Shaping Its Own Cross-chain Future
Founder Series
December 1, 2023

Grant chats with Chef Icy, aka "BD Bunny," about his journey into the DeFi and arrival at PancakeSwap. The two discuss the current mindsets of those shaping the DeFi space and explore the grassroots movement driving its growth.

PancakeSwap, a pivotal player in DeFi's transformation, has evolved from its early native-only DEX roots on Binance Chain to embracing new paradigms with its V3 model as a fully cross-chain DEX. Get insight on the significance of transitioning to $VeCake tokenomics and the exciting opportunities it opens up for protocols to create Convex-like wrappers, such as CAKE.

Chef Icy delves into the multitude of burn sinks and innovative products, both current and upcoming, that contribute to PancakeSwap's enduring success in the ever-evolving DeFi landscape.

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