Decentralizing Rollups: An Interview With NodeKit
Still Early
January 17, 2024

Grant was joined by Noah from NodeKit to discuss a topic that not a lot of Ethereum maximalists want to discuss... how do we decentralize the L2s and sequencers?

A lot of concern is floating around the crypto and DeFi space due to the centralization of specific aspects of a lot of Layer 2 scaling solutions on Arbitrum, Optimism and other popular chains.

NodeKit is developing the SEQ chain which allows L2s, RollApps and app-chains to utilise a decentralized shared sequencer, have complete flexibility over their modular stack, including using Eigen Layer, Celestia or Avail for Data Availability and also reduces the fragmentation of liquidity and composability. This is only going to become more of an issue as the development of Layer 2s, app chains, and more continues at a rapid pace.

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