Beyond Ethereum: Exploring Move & the MoveVM with Movement Labs
Still Early
January 3, 2024

Grant sat down with Cooper from Movement Labs to chat about one of the most exciting crypto narratives the industry is about to discuss: Move... Move is a programming language created during Facebook's (Meta) expansion into crypto with Lybra and Diem. This project faced immense backlash due to the size of Facebook and its potential influence when controlling its own currency.From there, two teams, Aptos and Mysten Labs (Sui), spun out to expand on their research and created two independent Move-based blockchains.Movement is on a mission to create a global community of Move builders, working together to increase the security, performance, and user experience of building in decentralized networks.Learn more about the pros of Move vs Solidity and how the MoveEVM can overtake the EVM and even other VMs soon.If you have ever worried about hacks in DeFi and even if the likes of Ethereum can scale, Move as a smart contract language is certainly one to keep a close eye on, in our opinion.

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