The Emiri Diary #2: Diamonds In The Rough

April 22, 2024

In conclusion

Gather around everyone! Emiri Diary #2 is here.

If you randomly stumbled upon this, I recommend reading the first one to get a better idea of what it's about.

The premise is simple: to be earlier than early. I often hunt for new projects, and I will share whatever I find here. Again, this is crypto.

There’s a high chance that most of these projects could become scams or rugs because that’s the risk you take by trying to be early. Nonetheless, I hope this helps you out.

Let’s get straight into it.

#1 Tradable

Twitter - https://x.com/jointradable

This one is not *SUPER* early, but they launched their product very recently, and it's one I’ve been keeping tabs on for a while.

The idea behind it is to use any asset/protocol/chain from any other asset/protocol/chain.

This is done using a shared liquidity vault (SLV), which aggregates liquidity from different chains into a general ledger. On this, a bunch of cross-chain applications can be built and strategies can be executed.

They are currently working on releasing some cross-chain products, such as a perp DEX on the zkSync module and a money market on the ScrollZKP module.

Looks like an exciting project.

Read this thread to learn more.

#2 3.finance

Twitter - https://x.com/3_finance_

This is a super interesting one. The crux is that they want to be a public good that helps genuinely useful DeFi products grow.

They believe in the mission behind DeFi but know how difficult it is for teams to build things how they want to. VCs and investors get involved, and then you must play to their needs.

3.finance is creating many products to help finance, fund, and grow DeFi protocols. It’s essentially a way for teams to self-incubate and maintain total control over the growth process.

They have three really cool Medium articles published, which I recommend checking out. It looks like a really cool product.

#3 Edgeless Network

Twitter - https://x.com/EdgelessNetwork

Edgeless is the first gasless layer 2. This means users have to pay 0 gas on the application layer. It’s built using Arbitrum nitro and is currently live.

It uses EigenLayer’s DA solution and has a bunch of cool partnerships coming up.

No harm in bridging some funds over and giving it a shot. You never know; there might be an airdrop at the end of it.

#4 Isekai

Twitter - https://x.com/isekaimoney

By the looks of it, Isekai is some form of gamified layer on top of existing DeFi infrastructure designed to help these existing protocols.

They identified two key problems in DeFi. Users want yield for the liquidity they provide, and protocols want liquidity for lower costs. Isekai’s design optimization platform uses a parallel token architecture to help fix these problems for DeFi protocols. They have already integrated with Camelot and you can expect many more on the way very soon.

To get a more detailed rundown of what they are building, check out their medium article.


Twitter - https://x.com/skainetxyz

Skainet looks like a promising AI project.

Their overall mission is to create uncensored and unbiased AI products. Their main products at the minute are the LLM and image generation products. However, they will also have a decentralized inference product where users can run GPU nodes.

The SKAI token will power everything in this network.

It looks promising and worth keeping an eye on.

#6 Meru

Twitter - https://x.com/meru_ai_app

This is an AI email assistant product. It uses Google’s Gemini AI for its models. It sounds very traditional, but they will be using Bittensor subnets for data storage and usage as they believe decentralized AI is the best solution out there.

They have a token live, but it has very little liquidity and a very low market cap. It also has 5/5 taxes, so it could very well just be a tax farm. Be wary.

But anyway, thought it’s one worth having on your radar in case they have some interesting developments in the future.

#7 Dear

Twitter - https://x.com/dear_dyr

I’m still not entirely sure what the hell this is.

It appears to be a game of sorts in which you need to hold certain tokens to interact. You have to join their Discord, pick a character, and interact with the game accordingly.

I'm not too sure what to think of it. But I hope one of you can figure it out and explain it to me, hahaha. I shared it because it looked fun and interesting.

#8 Lunch App

Twitter - https://x.com/dear_dyr

Lunch App looks super cool.

They hope to be the Trojan Horse for web3 adoption with their financial super app.

You can import your self-custody wallet and use crypto for any sort of payments and if you aren’t a crypto degen then you can login with web2 social logins and interact with the app. They also offer a lot of quests and activities to make the onboarding process for normies significantly easier.

It looks super cool and is worth checking out.

#9 Urani Swap

Twitter - https://x.com/urani_labs

All of us have been shitcoining on Solana recently. If you don’t use a telegram bot, then we know how horrible the Raydium experience is.

Urani Swap is coming to market with an intents-based swap aggregator to finally fix the poor UI that is commonplace in Solana. The added benefit is that this aggregator stops toxic MEV such as sandwiching and front-running, which isn’t that big on Solana but may become an issue going forward.

#10 Pomerene Network

Twitter - https://x.com/PomereneNetwork

Now I know all those who frequent crypto twitter are known for being experts in every single field that has ever existed. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them.

This next protocol claims to solve a ton of problems in international trade.

International trade is a $13T industry that still has tons of issues regarding data sharing, organization, and counterparty risk.

Pomerene believes that their smart economic stack is the solution that this industry needs to go forward.

This could very well play into the RWA narrative.

#11 Neura

Twitter - https://x.com/Neura_io

When I initially found this project, it was early, but they’ve recently picked up a ton of momentum, so I assume most of you know about it. But regardless, I like it, so I’m including it.

Neura is a blockchain built by the well-renowned Ankr team.

It’s a blockchain focused on AI. More specifically, it will focus on GPU resources, scaling data accessibility, funding, and, in general, a network to foster distributed development of AI.

It looks really promising, and I recommend keeping tabs on this one.

Well, that’s all for today, folks. I’ll be back two weeks from now with another edition of Emiri’s Diary. I hope you guys are enjoying reading it as much as I enjoy writing these.

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