Crypto content your dad could understand. We cover, break down and dissect every corner of cryptocurrency and the DeFi space to help our readers and followers gain a better understand of the overall blockchain landscape. 

About us

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  • blocmates is a media organisation leading the game in transparency and dissemination of crypto and DeFi information to our curious readers who want the right information when entering the space
  • We focus on tongue-in-cheek writing that’s varied and interesting to help instil a level of understanding over and above other publications when it comes to an otherwise highly technical space
  • We reach over 60,000 engaged individuals who want to cut through the noise and are interested in being at the forefront of developments as and when to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Everything we report on and research is for the purpose of doing crypto and DeFi a service to empower the builders and visionaries who are aiming to evolve the space into something we can all be proud of and find opportunity in! 

What we can do for you?! 

We deliver complete multimedia packages priced on a monthly basis and tailored to suit your needs across our website and extended to the blocmates network to maximise its reach and your brand exposure. The ultimate aim is to provide our users with education on all aspects of your project from deep dives, user guides and all current and future developments  

We pride on our customer services and provide continual engagement with any of our clients to help them build and support growth, giving access to partnerships and a range of other advisory services to help you make business decisions based on our vast industry experience and knowledge

Our Audience
  • We believe a strong community that is behind us 100% engaged in the work we do, helps us shape our content to get the most out of it for continual readership
  • Our audience ranges from the new entrant, seasoned natives, founders, builders and crypto-power users. Our audience demands the latest information delivered in a genuine and authentic way.
  • We are one of the fastest-growing platforms in the whole crypto space. We are proud to be fully bootstrapped with no ties to outside influence or funding when it comes to how and what we do.
  • Our audience comes first and by creating increased value for them continually, blocmates has no bounds.
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